What you don’t know about course creation is making your broke, angry and frustrated.

Buckle up my lovelies, this is gonna sting.

Most people think that you need to have a ton of expensive tools and a lot of letters after your name to be able to share your stuff with the world.

The internet has opened up a doorway to us we never knew existed and created this idea in our heads that we have to have it all together before we can share our magic with the world. We see these amazing, polished, high tech people and websites online and think that we have to have the exact same thing.

Here’s the truth on sharing your stuff with the world.

Every single person you see as successful online started somewhere. The business and brand they have now has come from testing, and trying, and launching, and learning from their mistakes.

They put their stuff out there, got the feedback from students and clients, then launched over and over until they perfected it.

There is no such thing as an overnight success. Behind all the professional photos, and fancy branding, there is a person who got knocked down a hundred times and got back up a hundred and one times.

We know this because, they tell us! Any successful business owner will share the hard times and the good times. They won’t gloss over the blood, sweat, and tears they shed to get to where they are. Why? Because their magic is in their mess. Coming back from bankruptcy, destroyed relationships, massive failures and mistakes, is what makes us resilient and able to withstand the shifting tides of online trolls, naysayers, and doubters. We hold those challenges as badges of honour and strength. Believing that someone put together a course, slapped it up online and made a billion dollars over night is keeping you frustrated, broke, and angry at the very struggles that will make you a successful entrepreneur over the long term.

Course creation isn’t a smooth straight line to success. You may know what you know, but you don’t always know how to teach it to other people.

I want to tell you about my grandma and how her recipe for buns has been lost forever.

My grandma made the most amazing buns. Not once did I ever see her pull out a recipe card and make the batch of soft, buttery, heaven in bread form, buns, using a recipe. She just set herself in front of the mixing bowl and began do dump things into it.

She knew how to make the buns, but she didn’t know how to teach anyone else how to make the buns, and now that’s she’s no longer able to bake, that magical recipe will disappear. It makes me sad to think about how my children will never experience that moment of pure joy, tasting those hot buns just out of the oven.

What I didn’t see as a kid, was all the batches of buns she made that didn’t melt in your mouth, that didn’t taste like fresh butter and heaven. She kept working at her recipe and perfecting it, so that when I was able to try them as a kid, they were magical.

I decided, rather than lose that experience for my kids., I would ask her family about her recipe. I continued to seek out the recipe magic and I am open to learning something new so that my kids can have the same moment of pure pleasure I did as a kid when grandma came to visit with her little jar of yeast.

The same is true for your idea rolling around inside your head. If you continue to believe that everything has to be perfect and polished before you share it with the world, you are going to stay broke, angry, and frustrated with building your online biz. The continued belief that you aren’t good enough, or professional enough is going to rob you of time to perfect your methods and help people change their lives.

It will lead to further procrastination and more money spent on tools you will never use, platforms you will never sign into and years of disappointment and disillusion. Each day you waste trying to be perfect is costing you. Money. Time. Success. Freedom, and so much more.

I know you’re ready to fix it and I know you’re ready to do what needs to be done to launch your online course.

First, let go of your need to be perfect. Perfectionism is a lie that only holds you back from creating a life you dream of. It blurs the lines and makes things grey and dull. It pulls you backwards to deeper feelings of shame and doubt.

Second, you need to take one step in the direction of your dreams. Share your idea. Create a step by step worksheet and put it online. Get visible and do a video sharing your special thing. No one cares if you have the right shade of lip-gloss on and your hair is smooth. They just want to know you can help them and you can heal them.

Third, get a cheerleader in your corner. A coach. A mentor. A biz bestie. Choose someone who will cheer for you and kick your butt when you need to get into action.

The sooner you feel the spark of success, the sooner you will be energized to try again. The sooner you feel the elation of victory, the sooner you will be brave enough to try a new approach or a new method to teach your magic to the world.

When times get tough, remind yourself that this won’t last forever. Your coach will be there to pick you up and dust you off when those naysayer and trolls come out of the woodwork to try their best to slow you down. The reality is…they want what you have, and they had the same idea, they simply did nothing with it and now want to be sure that no one else has success they were too scared to reach for.

You deserve to have an amazing life. You deserve to have success.

☝? Get clear on what you want to teach the world

✌?Let go of perfectionism and be authentic and vulnerable with the world. Share your challenges and the road will rise to meet you faster

??Get a coach, mentor, or biz bestie to keep you moving forward. The only failure is when you give up trying.

??You can do this. You have magic inside you, and you need to share it with the world.

If you’re ready to take that next step, I have set aside some time to get on the phone…? yes… the real phone. I want to help you get crystal clear on your message, systemize your method and monetize your magic.

Send me an email at natalie@natalieblais.com and let’s chat. 2019 is the year you and I make contact. Let’s get you on the path to greatness.

And, if you have a bun recipe you absolutely love…hand it over!