Unless you’ve been living under a rock, under the sea, under the European continent, you’ve likely heard of Snapchat.

Snapchat is a video and image sharing app that allows it’s “Snapchatters” to create short, up to 10 seconds, videos and photos.

You can create a “Snapchat Story” by stringing together all you “Snaps” for a 24 hour period.  Snapchat Stories have grown in massive popularity and have overtaken the one off snaps that users had been sending up to the introduction of the Snapchat Story function.

Millennials are flocking to Snapchat as their go to app for Social Media communication.  What the media isn’t telling you is Generation X and Baby Boomers are also leveraging the app in massive numbers.

The frustrating thing about Snapchat for the Gen X’er and Boomer is it’s simplicity.  We feel like it CAN’T BE THIS EASY.  It is.

Here is your super simple step by step guide to get started on Snapchat:

  1.  Download the app from the app store and create a profile
  2. The app opens on the camera view page, so you will immediately see your camera screen
  3. At the very top you will see a little ghost, that will take you to your profile/follower page
  4. To the right of the ghost is the icon to flip your camera from front facing to selfie facing
  5. To the left of the ghost is your flash settings.  Snapchat will use your phone screen as a flash if you are in selfie mode
  6. At the bottom centre is the “Snap” button.  Touch once to take a photo, press and hold to record up to 10 seconds of video.
  7. To the right of the Snap button is your “Snap Story” icon.  This will take you to the Snapstory feed.
  8. To the left of the Snap button is your Private Snaps icon, this is snaps that are coming specifically to you and won’t be seen on the regular feed unless the sender puts it there.

Set up is super simple!

Now, it’s time to find your friends!  By touching the ghost icon at the top, you will be taken to your profile/followers page.  You can then click on “+Add Friends”  This will give you several options to add people YOU will follow.  They will not automatically follow you back.

You can add by:


Add from Address Book (This is your personal contacts in your phone, you may be SHOCKED at who is on Snapchat!)

Add by Snapcode (This is the Bright Yellow Icon on your profile/followers page with all kinds of black dots on it) This is the Snapchat version of a QR code

Add nearby uses your location settings to seek out other Snapchatter’s who are close by.

Share Username gives you options to send your Snapchat

Go ahead and search your address book, add some Snapchatters!



You have taken the first step on your Snapchat Journey!

Stay tuned for more Snapchat Tips this month!