My least favorite word on the planet!

Many years ago, when I embarked on this journey of Entrepreneurship, I participated in a fantastic workshop. It stretched me, it challenged me. It pissed me off and it finally put my on the path to getting my sh!t together and letting go of a lot of things that stood in my way.

Since that day, I have learned that I really really really hate the word…..TRY.

That word grinds against me like no other word.

When you finally get clear on what you want, what you will and won’t do, what you value, what you see in front of your, behind you and all around you, you will see just how RIDICULOUS the word TRY is.

How many times have we said to our kids “just try it….” pleading and begging them to nibble on that green thing on their plate. How many sleepless nights have you negotiated with a toddler who has clearly been trained by top level FBI operatives on hostage negotiation techniques to “try to go to sleep!!!!”

Here’s the truth….

Your kids are either eating the green thing, or they’re not.

Your kid is either sleeping, or they’re not.

When it comes to business….you’re either IN Business or you’re not. You’re either working or you’re not. You’re either focusing or you’re not.

Quit using the word “TRY” and start DOING the things that need to be done. Stop using effort as an excuse and start doing.

Drop a pen on the floor….now what?? Are you “trying” to pick it up or do you freaking bend over and PICK UP THE DAMN PEN?

You are either doing the things that need to be done in your business or you aren’t. There is no “TRY” in business. There is only doing and not doing.

Start today, right now, to change how you look at your business. Learn how to speak these things into reality.

“I am DOING something different this month”

“I am going to DO this today….”

“I am FOCUSING on this project today….”

“I am MAKING calls today!”

Take the word TRY out of your vocabulary as an Entrepreneur and start DOING.

Hey, I know it’s hard! I’ve been where you are and I’ve walked in your shoes/stilettos! I’ve sat, fingers poised over keys wondering what the hell I’m going to write about today…and tomorrow…and the next day. I’ve sat, in silence with coaching clients who are struggling and wondering why they aren’t getting anywhere…want to know what the most common response was?

“I’m trying….”

The reality is TRYING isn’t getting you anywhere. Trying is just a Bull$shit excuse to keeping doing the same ridiculous thing over and over and over again, and never be accountable for all the things you aren’t doing.

Today, right now. Stop using “trying” as your excuse to be half assed and one foot out of the game. Today, make the decision about what you’re going to DO.

Today is your day to finally break through, press forward and get Sh!t done! Whip out those lady balls and DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE.

Here’s the bad news…you’re going to screw up. You’re going to keep “trying” and you’re going to be in the same place, next week, next month, next year…if you don’t DO something about it.