Successful long weekends rock!

I have had an amazing long weekend with my kids.  We basically did nothing.  Less than nothing.  Not even joking.

We relaxed and we ate good food!  I am pretty sure between the four of us, we consumed 20 freezies.

I also sat, and read, a lot.

Right now, I am pages deep in Kyle Cease’s new book “I Hope I Screw This Up” and man is it a good read.

What has really hit me about this book, is the messed up way we see success.

We view success as never having a failure.  Somehow, we’ve bought into the notion that success means no battle scars and no mistakes.  Success means a perfectly framed branded image.  Success means lots of cars and trips and sparkly things on fingers and necks (well okay…sparkly IS cool…but it doesn’t mean you’re successful, it means  your sparkly ?)

I have been watching many entrepreneurs on Facebook rant lately about what they think success should look like.  How they don’t like the use of THIS word or THAT word.  How they don’t like marketing tactics of this biz or that biz. How they don’t like people talking about manifesting and how they don’t like people ignoring the power of manifesting.


Really?  Is this what success has come to?

Today, right now, I want you to re-write what success looks like for you.  I want you to close your eyes and imagine what a perfect day, for YOU, would look like.

I hope I screw this up and here’s why:

1.  Screw up’s mean I am ACTUALLY doing something.  I am not just sitting at my computer contemplating the nature of my belly button.

2.  Screw up’s mean that I am going my OWN way. I am not relying on the opinion and validation of other people to tell me that suddenly, I am successful.

3.  Screw up’s mean that I am braver than I ever believed I was.  Do you think the first world class swimmer got in the pool and set an olympic record?  OF COURSE NOT.  They were brave, they kept working at it and they were committed to their dreams.

4.  Screw up’s mean that I am COMMITTED to my dreams, desires, outcomes, and struggles.  That’s right.  I said struggles.  I am committed to my struggles.  I am committed to feeling the feelings of struggling and recognizing that I am breaking through the thoughts that have held me back and short circuited my success.

5.  Screw up’s mean that I’ve learned only ONE way that something may not work…and haven’t discovered the eleventybillion ways it will.

What does success mean to you?  Do you hope you screw things up? Do you hope that you will learn and grow and push through to the other side of doubt and fear?  I SURE DO!

Happy July long weekend!  Happy 150th Canada ?? and Happy Independence Day USA ??

I hope I screw this up and I hope you do too!

Love and lipgloss,