Grow your audience with a powerful freebie that will hook your ideal client and keep them coming back for more!

Your audience is hungry for answers.  They are searching for your solution. 

Billions of Google searches happen every minute of every day.  No matter what you need help with, you can find it online. The biggest problem is standing out from the crowd and offering up a solution that changes the direction of their life, their biz, their relationship, and so much more.

A freebie should be a bite-sized appetizer of your amazing program, mastermind, course, coaching, or private services. It should give the reader just enough of the solution that they can truly create momentum in their life.

You don’t need to worry that you’re giving away too much. No matter where you turn, you can find answers to questions. The thing that makes your solution the best one…is YOU.

If every coach, every diet, every exercise program, every relationship fix, worked for EVERYONE, there would never be any diversity in our world. People aren’t one size fits all…why do we think that fixes should be?

A Powerful Freebie has the following elements:

Simple Solutions: People want the EASY button. They don’t want to work through 40 different steps to cut sugar out of their diet. They want a simple way to make the swap and do it easy.

Solves a problem immediately: If the reader actually did the work, they would see the change. If the reader followed your steps, they would have more of what they desire. Promising someone it will take months or years to feel some relief is going to drive them away from you. Give them an immediate solution.

Creates a new problem that only YOU can solve: Your freebie solves a problem and creates a new one. If they discover a new way of living…now what?  Where do they go from here? How do they keep the feeling, keep the weight off, continue to communicate with their teen, increase the passion with their spouse? The answer is you!  You’ve solved the first problem they needed a solution for, now, to keep the feeling, the next step is to partner with you. This is where your product or program comes in!

Offering a freebie is the perfect way to give people a peek into your world and the opportunity to take that first step to partner with you. When you give away some of your best stuff, it is only natural that people wonder what you give when they have partnered with you and invested in their personal transformation.


A Freebie doesn’t have to be crappy!

The truth is the better your freebie, the more likely you are to have people come back for more of what you offer. 

Freebies should show your audience just how amazing you truly are!

You want your freebie to be so amazing that people WANT to share it. They want to get it into the hands of everyone they know. Take your freebie hunter from fan to fanatic and on to brand ambassador. When you can build an audience of people who are so excited about working with you they can’t wait to share you with the world, you know your freebie is perfect for your audience.


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