If you’re ready to launch your biz in the next 90 days, you MUST have these 8 essential elements!


It’s time to do away with drier than grandma’s toast launches!

Give up the prim and proper formal english.

It’s time to quit bowing to pressure to fit into a teeny tiny little bland box.

You need to stand out, stand up and launch authentically!


I have been a part of many successful launches and each one touched on these 8 elements:

  1.  Your results must be emotional!  People need to FEEL that the decision they are making, the trust they are placing in you has emotional currency to it.
  2. Your results must create an irrational reaction in people!  People don’t change their lives based on rational decisions.  One day, they wake up, throw their hands in the air and say “screw it!” and they make huge changes.
  3. Your results must provide concrete results.  There is a goal to shoot for and you let them know they can reach it!
  4. Your results must be tangible.  Something they can quantify and see in their mind as actually attainable.
  5. Your results must be real world.  They must be something that can be experienced in real time, not just a theory or nice idea.
  6. Your results must be specific.  Time specific, date specific, and more.  Vague results will not motivate someone to invest in you.
  7. Your results must have an external result.  People want everyone to look at them and say “OMG!  You are amazing!!” They want other people to recognize their results too!
  8. Your results must be unmistakable.  People want results that are clear and understandable.  They want facts and figures.  They want you to stand behind your products.

Put your product through this litmus test!  Does it stand up to these 8 essential elements?


If you can’t describe your product and the results your product guarantees with these 8 elements it’s time to go back to the drawing board!


Love and lipgloss,