Entrepreneur Myths that will Derail Your Success!

This post shares the raw, uncut and not so juicy side of being an entrepreneur and strategist.

Get ready to have some popular myths busted.

Big claim, I know.

Myth #1 You can build a successful business all by yourself

Being an entrepreneur can be exciting, and rewarding and life affirming. It can be the most amazing journey you ever take. You learn about who you are, what you believe and where you stand on so many things.

The dark side, it’s lonely. It’s long days sitting at your desk wondering if you are going to get anything actually done.

It’s late nights, sleepless nights, messed up sleep times and insomnia level amounts of coffee consumption.

It’s early mornings, sandwiches at your desk, drive thru dinners and soups days and days in a row.

We all hail the “solo-preneur” and look to them as the example of what we should be mirroring.

Let me bust that myth.

YOU CAN’T DO IT ALONE. If you want to grow your business and make money, you need a team. A real team. Not your mom messing around on Canva designing your logo, or your teenager managing your social media. You need a team. If there is one thing I would go back and do over from the beginning, I would have hired a team sooner. I would have spent less money on inspiration and more money on implementation. I would have spent less time doing the things and more time getting things done.

I would have hired a coach sooner. I would have invested in someone who was holding me accountable to my plans and promises. I would have invested in my success rather than the never ending process of being inspired and never implementing.

Myth #2 Facebook ads, alone, will make you a millionaire!

You can run a few Facebook ads and make 6 figures in a week.

Sorry my friend, unless you have 6 figures to SPEND on Facebook ads, you aren’t going to make 6 figures right out of the gate. Facebook is a COLD audience. As an entrepreneur, you need to build your audience on more than just Facebook ads.  You need to connect, communicate, and engage with your clients on more than one framework.

People don’t know you. They have no reason to like you. They certainly don’t trust you. If someone is telling you that all you have to do it set an ad budget for $5 a day and the money will come rolling it, they are stealing your money and getting rich off your hopes and dreams. They are counting on your inspiration and never getting you closer to implementation.

You can buy all the “learn how to advertise on Facebook in 3 easy steps” courses in the world, but if you aren’t creating goodwill and a relationship with your audience, they will never become your clients and spend their money with you.

Myth #3 When you are MULTIpassionate, you will have more success faster!

You don’t have to choose ONE thing, you can be awesome at everything.


Here is some tough love my friends.

You cannot be excellent at everything. You must choose the hill you want to stand on. Stake your claim. Dig deep and put down a foundation that is strong. Once you establish your expertise in an area and people are coming to you without you having to advertise, then you can begin to add to your focus.

Stop trying to be all things to all people.

If someone tells you that you can come out of the gate a health coach and a money coach and a parenting coach all at one time, they are LYING to you.

If you aren’t good at one thing, so good people are coming to you without any paid advertising, you aren’t going to build a business worth having. You will be spread way too thin. You will be rushing around trying to remember where you left off on the last task for one thing and miss finishing off what you needed to do for something else.

STOP buying into the myths you can do it all alone, you can create a 6 figure biz on $5 Facebook ads and you can be all things to all people.

There is no such thing as a successful Solopreneur.


Facebook ads are AWESOME but only if you have the money or the team to invest in to make them ACTUALLY work for you.

INVEST IN RELATIONSHIPS first, Facebook ads second.

You will never ever create success when you are chasing too many kites!

GET ONE KITE In the sky, master it, then decide if you want to add to your collection.

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