My name is Natalie Blais.  I am an unabashed collector of high heels and lipgloss.  I believe cupcakes are the Holy Grail of female entrepreneurs and I think every woman should feel like they are living the most amazing life possible!

I wake up to help Female Entrepreneurs to Find Their Authentic Voice, Create a Business and Lifestyle They Love, and Grab Life by the Stilettos!  You’ve come to the right place if you’re tired of trying to live life by the rules and run your business like you’re a charter member of the “Old Boys Club”. It’s time for you to quit trying to fit your Stiletto into the world of loafers!

We spend more time choosing our hair color than we do figuring out how to authentically be ourselves!


I have a secret I want to share with you

The world doesn’t need more cookie cutter people.

Shocking right?

The world needs YOU.  In all your glory and all your mess and all your struggle!

I’ll be frank, let’s rip off the spanx we’ve been wrapping our businesses in and get real here…

The reason why Female Entrepreneurs struggle is because we are afraid to be ourselves.  We want to have the perfect photos and the right hairstyle and the runway make up.  We want to convince everyone, ourselves included, that we just rolled out of bed this way and stayed fabulous all day long.

Sister…that story isn’t cutting it anymore. The human race has finely tuned their bull$hit meter and they can spot a Fakey McFaker from a billion miles away.  So all the effort we put into hiding who we really are is totally screwing up our business!

You be you!

Let me dish a bit…

*grabs cupcake and sits…..*

I am an utterly goofy mom of three amazing…yes ♥AH-MAZING♥ kids.  I can’t even comprehend what I did with my time, money, and heart before I became a mom…FOR REALZ!  I love being a mom. Parenting tops my list of what takes priority in my day, my life and my business.  If you’re struggling to figure out how to be an Entrepreneur AND a Mom at the same time…sister…I feel your pain.

I had to figure out how to “Mom” and “Entrepreneur” it was no easy task.  I made mistakes, I picked business over kids, I picked kids over business.  I had to apologize more times than I can count.  I cried, I screamed into pillows and, yes, I even yelled at my kids *not my finest moment*

BUT……….. These kids……..


I am surrounded by three mini humans who love me unconditionally, sassy shoes, gorgeous lipgloss, decadent cupcakes, and a business I absolutely adore!

Not in a “I’m looking forward to working today…” but in an “I can’t wait to get up in the morning, connect with my clients and peers.  There is no possible way life could get any better” kind of way.


You can too!

I work with Entrepreneurs like you who want to:

  • Get out of overwhelm and get into action.

  • Have a BRILLIANT idea and need support to get it out of your head and into the world.

  • Are ready to launch their program and start changing the lives of their clients and customers.

  • Create a kick ass Social Media presence and strategy and leverage their visibility online.

  • Create awesome webinars and livestream trainings and get out in front of their audiences.

  • Write juicy, emotional copy so they can really make an impact on people

  • Kick their success into overdrive and quit messing around!  THIS IS WAR and we are in it to win it!

Obligatory Bio

*Told in Third Person to Sound More Authoritative*
Natalie Blais has Bachelor of Arts in Counselling and a Masters in Sexology (she knows her stuff!)
She successfully ran a multiple six figure direct sales team until she decided that what she REALLY loved was to help other women grow their business, coach and mentor them to create the most amazing life.
Natalie is Co-Creator of “The Sizzling Client Attraction Formula©” and Creator of the Stiletto School of Business®”  The place for Female Entrepreneurs who want to find their authentic voice and take control of their life and business.
When Natalie isn’t baking the very best chocolate chip cookies with her kids (Great Grandma Bessie’s Secret Recipe) you can find her Tweeting, Instagraming and Facebooking


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