You have something inside of you. Something awesome. A way to navigate the challenges of life and you know the shortcut.

You’ve been doing it for years and are truly surprised to hear that people STILL struggle with an issued you conquered long ago.

You have something magic inside of you, but, you haven’t shared it with the world.


You’ve probably heard people give all kinds of reasons why you can’t create your own course. A way to teach people your method of changing their lives. Well meaning friends, family, peers and co-workers dish up advice, BAD advice which probably sounds something like this:

Myth #1:

There are already TOO MANY people teaching how to solve the problem

FALSE:  There are BILLIONS of people on the planet. Of which, you only know a few thousand. In that group, there are only a small amount that need what you’re offering. Is changing the life of a few hundred people worth sharing your magic for? YES! There may be 100 people, 1000 people teaching the same theme as you, BUT…they aren’t YOU. Your way might just be the breakthrough someone is looking for.  Don’t ever believe someone who tells you that there are too many people doing what you’re doing.

TRUTH:  The world needs what you’ve got and they need to learn it the way YOU teach it.

Myth #2:

You don’t know enough to teach your method to other people.

FALSE:  You are ONE STEP ahead of someone who needs to find the answer. You have gone through the fire and have come out the other side. You don’t have to have a Ph.D. in anything to help people create a better life. You don’t have to have gone through 8 years of University to be able to share what you know. Some of the very best educators have simply taken the time to get to know people and help them have a better life.

TRUTH: Education does not mean educated. It’s a desire to help people find freedom that matters.

Myth #3:

It costs  A LOT of money to create a program.

FALSE:  There are THOUSANDS of free platforms and resources that you can access to share your wisdom. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to create your platform. When you are just starting out, you can create a website for free, create an email list for free, create graphics and resources for free. You can set up a payment system for free. Do not let money be the barrier to helping someone create a new life.

TRUTH:  You can create a business with little to no money cost up front.


Myth #4:

If I put myself out there, someone is going to be a jerk to me.

FALSE:  It doesn’t matter what you do or where you are, there are jerks all over the planet.  Letting online trolls prevent you from sharing your wisdom is a lie many people have bought into. The reality is, mean people have always been around. They have simply changed how they are mean to people. If you change the lives of 100 people is it worth having on jerk try to shake your belief? I say YES!


TRUTH:  Build a strong support system. Build a tribe of raving fans. Remember that when someone feels the need to be a jerk to you online, they have the problem not you. You have something amazing that the world needs. Your course will change lives and make the world a better place, drowning out the naysayers and trolls.

Myth #5:

Nobody knows me or cares about what I have to say.

FALSE:  You may not be well known right now, but everyone was unknown at the beginning.  It takes time to get your magic out into the world. It takes determination to fight for what you want and to create a wave of change. You may be the LAST HOPE for someone. You may be the voice in the dark that transforms someone’s life and gives them hope again.  Keep talking. Keep sharing. Keep reaching out and giving people your best.

TRUTH: The only difference between you and anyone else is time. The only difference between someone who is famous and someone new on the scene is time. The only difference between someone that is built a raving tribe and someone just starting out is time.  Keep going and keep sharing your stuff. Time is the great equalizer.


You have something AWESOME and AMAZING inside you and you CAN change the world. It only takes one person to start that spark and each time you reach out and give of your best, you are affecting real and positive change for the people around you and the people you have yet to meet.  Keep going. Keep sharing.

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