I LOVE Five Things

Technology, Cupcakes, High Heels, Lipgloss, and Helping Female Entrepreneurs Kick Ass!

*and my kids…DUH…but we aren’t here to talk about my kids*

This is what I know for sure…

We have been told for so long that we need to be something we aren’t.  Women are trying to run their businesses like men, and that just isn’t cutting it.  

I listened to the people who told me you CAN’T have a pink website (lies)

I listened to the people who told me I should tone it down on Twitter (Bull$hit)

I listened to the people who told me that I needed to “manage my mess” (Life is messy, not gonna lie!)

When I quit listening to the people who seemed to think they had any investment in my life and my business, GUESS WHAT?

*Here Comes the SHOCKER*

My business TOOK OFF!




Let’s Get Real, Like Whipped Cream Real


You have spent the last “umpteen” years fighting against who you really are when it comes to your business.


  • Can’t have the website colours and images you want because they “won’t convert

  • Can’t be “woo woo” or “too buttoned up” because people won’t want to work with you

  • Edit what you say before you get “social” on Social Media

  • Don’t make jokes or say anything off colour because it will “offend” people

  • Don’t talk about your REAL struggles because people won’t want to work with someone who doesn’t have all their sh!t together 

  • Carefully and meticulously create your online persona so you appear perfectly polished in every way

Seriously, STOP. Stop it right now!

It’s KILLING your business!

Isn’t it time

You finally gave yourself permission to be YOU?

Here’s the deal sister

The REAL Deal


You acknowledge  the way you’ve been trying to build your business isn’t working.

You’re pretending to be someone you’re not and you KNOW  it’s not working, but you’re terrified of being authentically you because all along, you’ve been told YOU aren’t enough.

Who you are isn’t “appealing” and by being fully you, you’ll never be successful. You have swallowed that lie hook, line, and sinker and now, you stand looking at a business that is crumbling, feeling like you’ve lost who you are as a woman, wife, mother, sister and friend.

Working with me for the next 90 days, you’re going to re-discover who YOU are, amplify your message and finally grab life by the ovaries and BE the woman the world needs.

You agree that you’ve been working way to effing hard for way to effing long, living life by someone else’s bullsh!t rules . Building your business using someone else’s crappy idea of who you “should” be. You and I both know that you’ll never ever fit into the square hole. You were never born that way and you don’t want to live the rest of your life as someone you don’t utterly love. You know you have a message and if you could just get that glass slipper on, the rest would fall into place.  What you’ve been failing to see is that WHO you are is amazing and WHAT your message is matters and when you are authentically yourself, sh!t gets real!

The Message is in Your Mess

*Pinky Swear*

I spent years pretending to be the perfect wife and mother. I spent just about my entire childhood being told I was worthless by teachers and coaches, and would never amount to anything, quite frankly, I believed them. I’m willing to bet my sexiest shoes, you did too! You believed all the lies those a$$hole adults fed you about how “good girls” live and that took all your passion and all your drive and buried it under a mountain of self doubt and self loathing.

The problem is this: You KNOW it’s not working and you’re desperate to find the success you see EVERYONE ELSE achieving and you keep beating yourself up thinking “why not ME?? What is wrong with me? Why can’t I figure it out???”

Sister, the problem isn’t YOU, the problem is that you are trying to live someone else’s life and TODAY is the day this sh!t stops!

That little voice inside is telling you that nothing is going to change and you will never ever be successful…that’s the lie you’ve been spoon feeding yourself for YEARS…aren’t you tired of feeling like you’re never going to find your success? Are you exhuasted pretending you are someone you aren’t? Are you done editing what you think say and feel simply to please the dickheads who will never believe in you anyway?